Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessments are the cornerstone to a working knowledge of fire safety. They inform employees what is expected of them during an emergency and where they should be going. Fires can cause chaos so it’s important to have a clear strategy for these events.

Employers should be compliant with the bill and also take steps to ensure their employees are safe. Fires can devastate a business, these plans can reduce that impact immensely.

Fire Risk Assessment Glasgow, Edinburgh and International

Every industry and sector can benefit from a Fire Risk Assessment, as this informs their staff of how to escape safely. It also sets out strategies and procedures that staff can study prior to an emergency.

Workplaces can come with significant risks and contributing factors to a fire. A risk assessment will point these out and help you reduce the likelihood of a fire occurring.

During the course of a Risk Assessment, a trained member of staff will come to your premises. They’ll provide you with their recommendations and a plan that you can distribute among your staff.

Emergency Evacuation Plans

The Fire Authority endorses the clear and sweep system for evacuations. This might sound complicated but our assessors will show you the best routes to do this. A personalised evacuation plan will be provided to your company that will be based upon this system.

The best plan for a speedy evacuation is one that all staff are accustomed to. Our Risk Assessors will provide you with all of the documentation that you can give to staff.

They can send these electronically or printed options are available at the extra production cost from our fire risk assessment Glasgow centre. Fire safety is among our top concerns so don’t be caught out by a poor evacuation plan. Just let us know your preference and we’ll be happy to help.