15th September 2017

Your Fire Safety Obligations as a Landlord

If you rent out commercial properties or homes then you have obligations to your tenants. One of these obligations is to provide a safe and secure area to live or work in. Fire safety is a major part of this commitment, with a number of regulations to follow for landlords.

What you Need to Know

There are massive checklists of responsibilities for landlords, which can lead to fines if they’re not followed. These can seem confusing for new landlords but as long as you’re organised then this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. There are many regulations to be followed, including safety checks and fitting an adequate number of smoke alarms.

Over a larger commercial or domestic property, this can prove to be more difficult to manage over a larger space, but it’s still essential to make sure that each point is adhered to. If you fail to have enough CO2 or smoke detectors over the property, then this can lead to very serious problems. If an incident were to occur and people were injured as a result of negligence, then you would be liable.

Project Management

Knowing exactly what is going on within the overall project is essential and you should keep documentation. While it might be tempting to just leave the paperwork, if there is an accident then you would have to provide this for insurance purposes.

Fire safety in our buildings, evacuation plans and warning systems are all very important. Without them, a small fire can become a deadly blaze before the inhabitants are aware. The more prepared you can be, the safer your tenants will be and your property too. If you need more information on fire safety or commercial fire proofing, then we’ll be happy to help. Whether you’re in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayr or Kuwait then just get in touch with us!