22nd September 2017

Health and Safety Warnings Issued to Farm Workers

Agricultural workers have been issued a health and safety warning this week, as the Health and Safety Executive have published a new report. This industry is fast becoming one of the most dangerous to work in, with a much higher accident rate than many others in the UK.

Higher Fatality Rate

The rate for fatalities for those that work on farms and in this sector is 18 times higher than any other. This is a massive risk factor and has made it one of the most dangerous to work in within the UK. A total of 30 people were killed on the job in this sector over the last year, in workplace accidents that potentially could have been avoided.

Among this health and safety disaster, there have been proportions of different accidents that have stood out. Being struck by a vehicle or being trapped by something are among the top causes of accidental deaths on farms. Of the 30 people killed by these accidents, 3 of them were actually members of the public who did not work in the sector.

Health and Safety Improvements

It’s clear to see that improvements have to be made within this industry to protect workers and visitors alike. With a high portion of the fatalities being attributed to vehicles, more must be done to make people aware of these vehicles on farms.

If UK farmers do not wish for their industry to get a bad reputation, then they must effectively manage this potentially damaging statistic. Finding areas for improvement can be easy, agricultural workers and management must both take responsibility in this regard.

If you’d like help with your health and safety procedure to keep your workers and visitors safe, then get in touch with us. Improving procedures and training could save lives in your workplace.