Appliance Driver/Pump Operator Training

Appliance Driver & Pump Operator training is for existing and potential new appliance drivers and the course itself will cover a range of topics. 

Who Should Attend

For all appliance drivers and pump operators who use this equipment on a daily basis.

Appliance Driver /Pump Operator Training

Learning Objectives

  • Appliance drivers and pump operators.
  • Learn the vehicle controls.
  • Learn to safely drive the appliance on public roads.
  • Learn to drive under emergency response situations.
  • Appliance positioning.
  • Equipment carried on the appliance.
  • Pump operations.
  • High-Pressure operations.
  • Low-pressure operations.
  • Hose reel operations.
  • Foam induction.
  • Water management.
  • Water relays.
  • Water collection via hard suction hose collection.