Fire Doors & Equipment

Fire doors provide a lifesaving resistance against the movement of fire and smoke. By slowing the spread of fire, and in some cases stopping it, fire doors help create safe evacuation routes through a building. Premier Fire and Safety Training provide expert fire risk assessments to help identify where fire doors can be of the most benefit to your building.

Both residential and commercial buildings require fire protection and there is a range of different regulations which can apply. It is not only a legal obligation but also a moral one, to ensure your building is protected from fire risks and there are safe escape routes. These doors help protect escape routes by partitioning a building into zones. This allows high-risk areas to be separated from the rest of the building. Also, a wide range of fire doors are now available. Including everything from wooden fireproof doors to hollow metal doors. It is easy to find a fire door suitable for your building from the range supplied by Premier Fire and Safety Training.

Most fire doors require a door closer, special hinges and special handles to ensure they meet regulations and perform effectively. Additional equipment, like special signage, may also be required to ensure the evacuation route and fire doors along it can be clearly and easily identified. Why not get in touch with us for a quote or more advice on how to make your business fire safe.

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