Breathing Apparatus Wearer

Breathing apparatus training is for all staff who will be required to wear this equipment in their job role. 

Who Should Attend?

All firefighting members required to use breathing apparatus.

Breathing Apparatus Training Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of general terms.
  • Gain knowledge of the physiology of respiration.
  • Describe, assess and remove breathing apparatus.
  • Follow and understand face fit seal and donning procedures.
  • Understand fresh air wear.
  • Use appropriate breathing apparatus while working in smoky and dark conditions.
  • Work under varied conditions while using breathing apparatus.
  • Understand gauge readings, turn around times and working durations.
  • Understand appropriate movements in smoke and darkened conditions.
  • Search and locations procedures as well as handling casualties.
  • Search and location skills for dark and smoky conditions.
  • Follow entry procedures.
  • Gain knowledge of breathing apparatus guidelines and understand how to follow these guidelines.
  • Navigate small spaces using breathing apparatus.
  • Understand fire behaviour theory.