Confined Space Rescue

Confined space rescue training will cover a range of topics and is for all staff who could be required to carry out confined space rescues.

Confined Space Rescue Learning Objectives

  • Be able to manage confined space incidents and adhere to legal requirements.
  • Categorise & identify incidents involving confined spaces.
  • Be able to identify areas that are considered confined spaces.
  • Use Zellweger equipment to monitor different gases.
  • Understand the key ventilation principles and describe them.
  • Be able to select the right PPE equipment for the right situation.
  • Understand the effects of humidity and heat on human performance.
  • Understand the USAR ventilation apparatus and be able to operate it.
  • Understand USA Conspace communication apparatus and be able to operate it.
  • The use of a USAR entry control board and how to operate this piece of equipment.
  • Operate the SavOx TR re-breather equipment.
  • Operate the Microvent resuscitator.
  • Operate USAR line access on safe working at height.