Fire Team Member

Fire Team Member training is for all existing fire team members.

Who Should Attend

All fire team members.

Learning Objectives

  • Offshore fire and emergency response procedures and arrangements.
  • Develop and understanding of the role of an emergency response team member.
  • Understand the role of an emergency helideck team member.
  • Understand the hazards in helicopter operation.
  • Planning and monitoring of incident activities.
  • Understand the emergency systems and controls of the helideck and helicopters.
  • Operate fixed fire systems.
  • Understand the operations of the emergency response team in non-fire situations.
  • Understand the arrangements in place to restore helideck emergency equipment and the operational status of equipment.
  • Preparation to enter and gain access to the area of the incident.
  • Use the most appropriate working practices and procedures.
  • Understand the appropriate procedures in locating missing personnel.
  • Understand how to handle and remove any casualties.
  • Select and use the appropriate portable fire-fighting equipment.
  • Select, operate and flush foam fire-fighting equipment.
  • Extinguish a fire.
  • Secure an area.
  • Conduct and control breathing apparatus operations.
  • Minimise the damage to property.
  • Maintain communication skills.