Foundation Course

This training is for existing and potential new firefighters.

Who Should Attend?

Any new or potential oil and gas industry firefighters.

Foundation Course Learning Objectives

  • Safety Introduction
    • Potential offshore hazards and their consequences
    • Waste disposal and awareness of the environment
    • Regulation and management of offshore safety
    • Appropriate procedures for prescribed medication
    • Understanding of the alcohol and substance abuse policy
    • PPE Requirements.
    • Follow procedures for reporting incidents, accidents and any near misses
    • Understand the role of a medic in these incidences
  • Helicopter Safety and Escape:
    • Pre-boarding safety
    • Safe boarding of the helicopter
    • Safety during the flight
    • How to disembark safely
    • Emergency in-flight actions
    • Use of breathing equipment in the event of an emergency
    • Practical emergency escape procedures and the appropriate breathing systems
  • Sea Survival:
    • The theory behind abandonment
    • Practical survival skills for sea
    • Skills for boarding and mustering of the appropriate survival craft
    • Passenger actions during launch operations
    • Understand the use of rescue helicopters
    • Winching procedures
    • The administration of emergency first aid, including CPR
  • Fire Fighting and Self Rescue:
    • The nature and causes of fire in oil and gas situations
    • Fixed systems and response procedures
    • Understand the use of hand-held extinguishers
    • Skills to operate fixed hose reels
    • Techniques for self-rescue including reduced and obscured visibility situations
    • Use of escape hoods