Breathing Apparatus Training

Breathing Apparatus are specially designed pieces of equipment that can save lives. It is imperative that all individuals who may have to use this equipment are trained fully to a competent level.

Whether the training required is for on-site, at your work complex or one of our training locations, our fire risk assessment Glasgow, Edinburgh and Ayrshire teams can help.

They can teach you a range of topics in covering the use of specific types of breathing apparatus for your colleagues. Typically, this course is intended for those that will have to work in potentially hazardous conditions for long periods of time. The training will provide a comprehensive overview for those nominated to implement pre-wearers checks and also provide detailed information on maintaining and wearing the equipment.

Course Content

  • Pre-wearers Checks
  • Donning
  • Wearing
  • Doffing
  • Cleaning

The course offers a practical element which involves real usage of the equipment as well as a theory test.  This is to make sure that participants hold a clear understanding of the content within the course.

Our specially trained technicians are skilled and qualified in the usage of breathing apparatus equipment to the level required to instruct the course. The course content is of the highest standard and in line with all current fire safety Scotland legislation.

Why attend?

This course is specifically aimed at employers who have the necessity to have these types of equipment on premises. The course can be customised and modified to try and suit the requirements and regulations of your company, making it a personal training session dedicated to your workplace.

Overall, our aim is to train you to a level of competence so that you are comfortable and confident using the equipment should the need arise within your workplace or site.