Fire Awareness Training


Participants can experience an in-house course that can be undertaken by as many as 20 employees per session. Participants can complete this course with our fire risk assessment Glasgow, Edinburgh or Ayrshire teams.

This includes the selection of a competent member of staff who will undertake fire safety responsibilities and other colleagues who will receive supplementary training regularly including the use of fire extinguishers in the workplace. Any one of our Fire Safety Scotland courses can ensure that your company is always prepared for any outcome.

About the course

The course involves 90-minute working sessions that contain a mixture of theory and practical work. A fire simulator will be set up and a demonstration of water and CO2 extinguishers will be shown to participants. The area covered relates roughly to 3 car parking spaces and there is a maximum of 4 sessions available a day.

An approved course by the fire safety institute.

There are elements to this course that simulate using firefighting equipment that is also friendly to the environment, perfectly safe and realistic when used, which really emphasises the heat produced by real fires to participants.

Who should attend?

Employees nominated for fire safety duties within your workforce.

Course content

  • Overview of training requirement of current fire safety legislation.
  • How fire develops and spreads.
  • Assessment of size of fire which staff can handle with equipment provided.
  • Fire phenomenon such as backdrafts.
  • Use of the RACE formula for safe incident control.
  • Location and, when appropriate, the use of fire fighting equipment.
  • Isolating power supplies to machines and processes.
  • Practical firefighting safety rules.
  • Using the PASS formula for safe use of extinguishers.
  • Practical use of extinguishers on fire simulator.
  • Cost of course is £60pp and the qualification is valid for 2 years.

If this course appeals to you then our Fire risk assessment Glasgow, Ayrshire and Edinburgh teams can certainly help.