Fire Extinguisher Training

When a fire breaks out, it is essential that your staff know how to combat it effectively. Different kinds and sizes of fire require different approaches, which we cover in this training.

The successful use and operation of a fire extinguisher can tackle a fire completely. This can stop it entirely or clear a path for evacuation, so this is an essential skill. The incorrect usage can, in some cases, make the fire worse or injure the user.

Why do you need Fire Extinguisher Training?

  • There are many types of fire extinguishers.
  • There are many types of fires.
  • Different fire extinguishers are suitable for different types of fires.

At Premier Fire and Safety Training, we provide comprehensive fire extinguisher training covering all types of fires and extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Training Overview

Duration: 3 Hours
Max Delegates: 12
Min Delegates: 1
Cost: contact us for a quote

What is covered?

  • Training on all types of fire extinguishers.
  • Awareness of which fire extinguisher to use for which type of fire.
  • Training on how to handle and control fire extinguishers.

It’s important to know when a fire cannot be extinguished by a worker and when they must flee instead. We cover this in our training and this can be a lifesaving topic.

We help all kinds of businesses with fire extinguisher training. This tailored course suit a variety of business types and the specific fire risks that could be associated with your business.

If you want to be prepared and want your staff to be too, then this course will ensure that they know how to use these devices properly should a fire ever break out in your workplace.
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