Fire Marshal Training

A member of staff is required to be the Fire Marshal in workplaces with certain numbers of employees. This course is tailored to that staff member and will show them where their responsibilities lie.

This course is targeted at those that have been designated as the fire marshal of their workplace. Ideally, it should also be completed by another staff member in the event that the initial fire marshal is not available.

What Does this Course Entail?

As a fire marshal, it is your designated duty to assist other members of staff in their evacuation of the building.

The fire marshal is in charge of clearing their area of other members of staff and checking that they have evacuated. This role is designated with the hope that this member of staff will be able to assist their colleagues in evacuating and doing so safely.

This member of staff is key in the event of an evacuation and should be able to assist others well. Our Fire Risk Assessment can be a great resource for the fire marshal. They’ll learn how to spot potential dangers, maintain fire safety plans and induct new members of staff.

Who Should Attend?

Depending on the size and area that your business takes up, you may need to have additional fire marshals on your staff. The fire marshal should be responsible for an area that takes no more than 60 seconds to evacuate. If you operate on multiple floors or over a larger area then you will require more marshals.

Remember that you should also have back-up staff in the case of illness or leave of the fire marshal.

The duration of the training session is 3 hours and can be combined with our first aid courses to help enhance safety in your workplace. Please contact our teams for a quote today!