H.S.E Approved First Aid at Work Refresher Course

This refresher course is for those that have already completed the full H.S.E. First Aid at Work course. If your certification is about to expire then this course will allow you to spend two days brushing up on the skills that you have learned previously. This is much more practical than doing the course over again, so make sure you apply in plenty of time.

If you are successful on this course then you will be reissued your First Aid at Work certificate for another 3 years. If you have employees requiring a knowledge refresh then get in contact with our first aid courses Glasgow, Ayrshire or Edinburgh offices to get booked up.

What is Covered?

The course covers a range of information for the attendee and refreshes aspects of the original course. It covers good practice, recording incidents, speedy incident assessment among others. These are essential for all industries and businesses, the possibilities are endless.

The practical portion of the course is geared towards helping those that may be choking, wounded or otherwise injured. It covers what to do in emergency situations and also when to call Emergency Services for further help.

Everything from poisoning to accidents is covered and this can help your employees stay safe. Old information can be as bad as no information, so you’ll want to keep this qualification up to date.

Who Should Attend?

These first aid courses really are imperative for a business or organisation that perhaps hasn’t updated their health and safety procedures for a while and are particularly suitable for colleagues who require re-training.

Instead of allowing your qualification to lapse, come on a refresher course and keep your knowledge up to date. This course will strengthen your existing knowledge and add to it with additional relevant information.


Duration: 2 days
Max Delegates: 12
Min Delegates: 4
Cost: contact us for a quote