H.S.E. Approved Emergency First Aid Course

Duration: 1 day
Max Delegates: 12
Min Delegates: 4
Cost: contact us for a quote

Course Content

The Health and Safety Executive, or H.S.E. for short, governs workers in the UK and their employers. They have strict guidelines on what is expected of each of these parties in the event of an emergency. If these guidelines are not followed then legal action can be taken against the employer in select circumstances. This course is taught by our first aid courses Glasgow, Edinburgh and Ayrshire teams.

If you want to ensure that your staff members are trained in administering first aid then this is the course for you. It’s a fully comprehensive course that will certify the participants in the event of many of the most common emergencies.

This is a one-day (6 hour) course covering the basics in workplace first aid and what actions they need to undertake.

This course takes the potential first aider through an introduction about their responsibilities as an administrator. It also impresses upon them the need for recording of incidents and when they should get in touch with those more qualified.

A quick and effective assessment of the situation is key for the first aider. This course aims to teach pupils the best indicators and what they should do in the case of each.

Then, the practical portion of these first aid courses covers the actions that they should take. They’re then qualified to help in instances of choking, seizures and minor wounds.

Who Should Attend?

Each workforce should have at least one member of staff that is qualified to provide first aid. This is a legal requirement for many companies and your staff should be prepared for any emergency. If you fail to have a first aider on shift and an incident occurs then this could be devastating for your business.

If this sounds like it could be of use to your company or business then get in contact with our speciality first aid courses Glasgow, Edinburgh or Ayrshire teams to get booked up!