Confined Space Training

This course is for any business owner or employer with staffs who may work in close proximity to any sort of confined space. Confined space training focuses on the procedures that are required to meet the minimum criteria for the Confined Spaces & Regulations Act (1997). This training information is also structured to be a useful source of information for anyone that may be involved in working in any confined spaces.

Do you know what confined spaces are?

  • Have you had to work around a confined space?
  • Can you understand the relevant law and legislation?
  • Can you complete a successful risk assessment of a confined space?
  • Have you got a safe procedure of work for working in proximity to confined spaces?

Overall this training works really well in conjunction with our other first aid courses to provide a comprehensive overview of the risks associated with confined spaces.

These Spaces can be FATAL!

Overall, 15 people suffer fatal consequences every single year in the United Kingdom across various industries. This includes the colleagues that attempt to aid their colleagues without the correct training and as a result, lack the correct knowledge or use the wrong equipment. The range varies from those involved in the operation of complicated machinery all the way to simply accessing storage containers. Additionally, a large number of people are also seriously injured every year.

What Exactly is a Confined Space?

A space that is enclosed where there is potential exposure to harmful substances and even potentially fatal conditions such as a lack of oxygen. Some confined spaces are simple to identify, for example, those enclosures with either limited or singular entrances or they often have a lack of ventilation.

It is impossible to provide a complete list of every category of confined space. Many workplaces may change into some sort of form of confined space over time either when work is being carried out or even during the construction and/or modification of a workspace so our confined space training is valuable even if you don’t necessarily work with confined spaces on a regular basis.

Confined Spaces – Where does the UK fit in?

Within the UK there must be a sufficient and suitable assessment of the potential risk for all the work activities so the correct safety measures can be put in place to adhere to the relevant safety laws for the UK. Confined space work may involve fully understanding the conditions that are present in the workplace that could be considered as hazardous. Most of the law is relevant only because the specific nature of work that can be carried out within a confined space. For example a risk from machinery, hazardous substances or electricity.

Our confined space training can be administered from our colleagues in our health and safety training Glasgow, Edinburgh and Ayrshire offices by contacting us through