Hazmat 1st Response Training

Chemicals can be extremely dangerous and in an emergency can prove to be fatal. If an incident of this kind happens then the emergency services will need to discuss it with someone that knows the cause and chemical. This person must be able to give the information in a clear way and quickly to the emergency services.

For many of us that work with chemicals, it can be hard to translate this into a language that others can understand. There are key questions and issues that need to be discussed as a result of a chemical incident.

There should be at least one member of staff assigned to this task, who knows what is expected of them. This course is designed for that person and their responsibilities in mind.

It can be combined with one of our first aid courses to offer even further training. This should be undertaken by at least one trusted member of staff who understands the full responsibility.

Aims of the Course

This course was developed in partnership with leading bodies and emergency services. It is in place to ensure that all communication between members of the public and the first responders is clear and does not result in further injury.

Hazmat 1st Response training helps to prepare staff and managers for the fallout from incidents concerning chemicals. It impresses on those attending the responsibilities that the training will place upon them and how to gather the relevant information.

Then, it teaches attendees how to relay this to a member of the emergency services quickly and easily.

Course Overview

The course takes place over one day and covers a range of topics including how first responders report and how to communicate with them. It will show you how to label, document and investigate chemicals.

It will also help you predict which questions you may be asked about the incident and what the first responders will be likely to do. Finally, you will also be told when the situation is beyond your control and should be escalated on.

The teaching is reinforced with practical exercises that build on teamwork to combat chemical spills.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for anyone who comes into contact with chemicals and may be affected by an incident. This includes all manner of workers, administrative assistants and specialist handlers.

As always, a more detailed overview of the course can be discussed with one of our representatives. Our health and safety training Glasgow, Ayrshire or Edinburgh offices can be contacted on