23rd October 2017

Some Updates from Premier FST

premier fst

It really has been a busy last few months for everyone here at Premier FST and we have been working closely with a number of businesses and organisations in both our UK and Kuwait offices. We haven’t done an update post in a while so we thought we would provide some information on who we have been working with recently. If you need any more information on our courses then feel free to get in touch and with us or you can message us on Facebook or Twitter.


Some of Our Latest Work

There’s been a lot happening in our Kuwait office and we have been busy working with the following clients over the last couple of months:

Premier Fire has completed Fire Marshal Training with Sea Zen a restaurant management company.

Premier Fire has run Safety in Design and NFPA compartmentation courses for PACE Design and architect’s.

Premier Fire have signed Joint venture agreements with the Al Mussallamco group to provide detailed training and consultancy services throughout the region to all industrial sectors.

Premier Fire have signed a joint venture agreement with the IDRAJ General Trading and Contracting Group to provide consultancy and training services to the oil and gas industry.

Premier Fire has worked with the Saudi government to provide a blue print and road map for the implementation of the Royal Decree for private fire teams to be established throughout the Kingdom.

Premier Fire has ran information workshops to the Kuwait Fire Department on Building Fire Risk Assessments and the minimum standards to be met and the relevant NFPA Codes.

Premier Fire is in Talks with the Kuwait fire Department to provide technical training in Basement Fires, Hazardous Materials Incidents and Road Traffic Accidents.

Premier Fire are in final stages of talks with the Kuwait Flour Mills to provide training and consultancy services for their staff.

Premier FST Course Feedback

Justin Jose – “Excellent, it really increased my knowledge of fire and safety and how to use it in the future. Thank you for the knowledge!

Si Jo John – “Excellent, the structure of the course covered everything about handling fire situations.

Alan Rebello – “Excellent, it really helped me to get a clear idea on what I can do in fire situations to help others to escape safely.