Kuwait Fire Training

Fire Doors & Equipment

Fire doors provide a lifesaving resistance against the movement of fire and smoke. By slowing the spread of fire, and in some cases stopping it, fire doors help create safe evacuation routes through a building. Premier Fire and Safety Training provide expert fire risk assessments to help identify where fire doors can be of the most...

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Fire Department: All Training is Internationally Accredited to NFPA, JOIFF, IFE Standards

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Aviation Fire Training: All training is accredited by NFPA, JOIFF, ICAO

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Oil and Gas Industry NFPA, JOIFF Accredited training

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Fire training is important no matter which country or business sector you are a part of. This type of training can save lives and drastically improve the outcome of an emergency. As an international company, we focus on providing the very best in fire training in a number of locations. Our Kuwait fire training services are delivered around your schedule in your place of work to the benefit of staff and your business. For all of your fire safety needs, get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

Kuwait Fire Training Services

When working on a variety of jobs, there are stringent rules and regulations that must be followed for insurance and personal safety purposes. Kuwait has a high standard of health and safety, with various occupations being protected by these laws. Paying attention to both security and safety is important, with audits and checks often being carried out by regulatory bodies. With our services, you can rest assured that your staff are knowledgeable and ready to deal with any emergencies that could possibly arise.

With both general fire safety and aviation based safety training available, we really cover all the bases.

Internationally Accredited Training

No matter which country you are operating in, our internationally accredited trading can prove useful. Whether you want your staff to learn about fire safety or require further training on breathing apparatus, our competent instructors are ready to help. Our training courses are accredited by the NFPA, JOIFF and other industry regulators. This ensures that each course that we deliver has been assessed to the highest standards, making then truly useful to your staff.

For further information on our Kuwait fire training or other courses, feel free to browse the information sections of our site or get in touch with our team. They will be best placed to help you decide which courses are right for your business and a timeframe that is suitable for their delivery.